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LinkedIn—useful for more than just posting resumes

20 Sep
Source: comunidadism.es

Source: comunidadism.es

Even though I only heard about LinkedIn two years ago, the online networking platform geared toward working professionals has been around for a decade.

While most of its 200 million users probably use it primarily for posting their digital resume and making potential business-related connections, there are others who are using the wall-posting feature to take LinkedIn to a new level.

“People who share, comment, and act as contributing members of the LinkedIn community are the aspirational leaders. They have interest beyond finding a job and show a passion for their line of work. The LinkedIn news feed is the Holy Grail for recruiters, and the more you post, the more you are seen. In fact, members who post at least once a week are 10 times more likely to be seen by recruiters. Post, read, and participate often,”  J. Barbush, a writer for iMedia, an interactive media and marketing trade publication, said.

Paula Nourse, director of Marketing at the Dallas Holocaust Museum Center for Education and Tolerance, is one of those trailblazers. The DHMCET has only 11 employees, but it has a strong social media presence thanks to Nourse.

She’s been with the museum for three years and has enjoyed a 25-year marketing career with Verizon, “The Dallas Business Journal,” Sprint and American Heart Association, among others.

I happened to be shadowing her while she was working on the museum’s North Texas Giving Day campaign, which was open to donors from 7 a.m.-midnight yesterday.  Any donations given on that day of more than $25 would be multiplied by the organizers of the Giving Day, so this was a significant opportunity to get the attention of her social media followers in order to raise funds for the museum.

Not only did she have a Facebook and Twitter strategic communications strategy for the campaign, but she integrated a Prezi into her LinkedIn wall feed.

Source: Dallas Holocaust Museum Center for Education and Tolerance

Source: Dallas Holocaust Museum Center for Education and Tolerance

She has about 25 slides answering the question “What is it like to market a tragedy?” including compelling photos of school children and a Holocaust survivor who regularly visits the museum to share his story and sign his book.

She included four talking points, addressed her core audience of teachers and students, addressed her peers, and garnered interest for those who have never visited the museum. Then, at the end, she plugged the North Texas Giving Day, with a link to donate. The audience doesn’t even see the plug coming. I thought it was a Prezi she created for the general marketing of the museum, but she told me she had just created it two days ago.I thought it was a fantastic and simple use of a digital tool to get across messaging that companies usually post an annual business report to try to convey. Up until now, I had only seen Prezi being used by college students or really creative artists. Nourse is definitely an example of LinkedIn and Prezi best practices.

Of course, I wouldn’t be my paranoid mother’s daughter if I didn’t note that a possible downside for LinkedIn users is that they are “twice as likely to report ID theft” than users of other social media platforms. So, be creative, but be careful.

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